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Down And Out Cummins 700 kW Gets Much Needed Attention!
An Old Contact Needed Help With A Generator And Our Technician Just Happened To Be In The Neighborhood!

There’s nothing worse than waiting for service! Whether you are waiting for a refill of rolls at Texas Roadhouse or chips and salsa at your favorite cantina-- it can feel like you are not a priority! Well, that’s the feeling a client was having waiting for their previous generator service provider who kept blowing them off. So, Generator Source Austin came to the rescue of a down and out Cummins 700 kW!

Blizzard-2-(Custom).jpg“Just by chance, our man James swung by an old contact of his and like clockwork the potential client stated their Cummins standby generator has been down for months as they had been trying to get their service provider out on site to perform repairs,” said Chris Betros at the Austin office. “They couldn’t even get them to send out a proposal for repairs or a tech to report what parts were necessary to get the unit back up and running.
“James pulled into the lot to say hello and catch up, and before he could even get out of the truck, he had their maintenance manager and operations director walking up to him asking if he could fix their unit. After gathering the facts and looking over the unit while performing a free inspection, James provided a proposal for repairs as well as outlining a possible service agreement, which we won!"
The Generator Source team jumped into action, ordering OEM parts as the new client requested. Within a couple of weeks of the agreement being signed and a purchase order sent over, services were scheduled, and the parts arrived for repairs to be completed.
“We arrived on time when we said we would each day throughout the service and repair process while keeping the customer up to date throughout the process,” added Chris. “When the unit was repaired, we re-energized all the unit accessories such as the alternator heater, battery charger, block heater, etc. and allowed the unit to warm up for 24 hours due to the block heater having been off for the past few months.
“On the following day we block loaded the unit at a full 100% load from an initial cold start,” added Chris. “The unit recovered quickly from the load dump, and a two-hour load bank test was completed to return the unit back to operation.
“Before leaving the site, the unit was placed into auto and the breaker was closed restoring backup power for the customer,” continued Chris. “Our point of contact was notified of repair and service completion. The customer was very appreciative of us working with him on getting his industrial generator back up and running when his previous service provider couldn’t assist them in getting even a technician dispatched out to inspect and prepare a proposal for repairs.”

Blizzard-3-(Custom).jpgHow is your commercial standby generator looking these days? Generator Source has been in business for more than 40 years but is relatively new to Austin and can help! Call for a quote on a service contract or repair. We would love to earn your business. Click here for more information on Texas or call (512) 631-9998.
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