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Weld County Fire House Generator Repair


Repairing Fire House Emergency Generator
Weld County, Colorado

Size of Generator

Cummins 35 kW in a sound attenuated enclosure.

Project Notes

Customer reported the generator had starting issues. Inspect and advise on repairs.


Fire trucks, emergency rescue equipment, and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) vehicles are common pieces of equipment contained in a firehouse. 

EMTs and firefighters are the first responders for emergencies. Many firefighters carry the EMT certification in smaller volunteer houses. Larger facilities can have dedicated positions of either firefighters or EMTs. All share one common need: continuous power. When power is interrupted to a firehouse, all communications are lost until backup power is supplied. Power loss does not completely shut down the house, but it adds an extra level of complication when responding to an emergency. Backup generators provide power to valuable communications and support systems.

Services Provided to Fire House

Generator Starting Battery TestThe firehouse contacted us because the generator did not start properly when utility power was lost. They requested an inspection and advice on repairs. 

The generator is located in a sound attenuated enclosure. Below are the troubleshooting, testing, and repair steps:
  • Generator warning lamp illuminated on the control panel. Reset the alarm, started, and inspected the unit while running.
  • Load tested starting battery to ensure it was not part of the alarm condition.
  • Checked fault history in the controller. Low coolant history contained in the controller.
  • Added one-quart of coolant and tightened all cooling system hose clamps.
  • Test started and ran the generator multiple times to ensure alarm would not occur again.
  • Tested satisfactory.
We perform all types of troubleshooting and maintenance. We offer service contracts that feature load testing for emergency operations. Contact Us for any generator maintenance or repair needs. We gear service contracts to satisfy both manufacturer requirements and facility operating needs.


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