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Onboard Truck Generator Repairs

Generator Source ShopLocation

Generator Source Shop, Brighton Colorado

Size of Generator

Size varies depending on application of truck. Can be up to 10 kW.

Issues Reported

Generator was not running correctly. Exhaust pipe needed to point in a different direction.  


The trucking industry includes specialty box trucks, semi-trucks, food trucks, and trucks for off-grid living/research operations. Trucks can be equipped with multiple generators to supply electricity to operating systems the vehicle was designed for or external equipment supply.

Services ProvidedRepair Truck with Onboard Generator
Not long ago a client arrived at our shop with a generator that did not work properly. We replaced the fuel suction and return lines, started the unit, and faced the exhaust pipe out. The unit was tested to ensure repairs were complete.

We also have the ability to supply the following services: 

Maintenance Services - Perform a complete generator service including:

  • Change engine oil
  • Replace engine oil filters
  • Replace fuel filters
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace coolant filter
  • Inspect and tighten belts
  • Inspect electrical system
  • Inspect engine for coolant and oil leaks
  • Check coolant level and specific gravity (liquid cooled generators)
After troubleshooting, maintenance, and testing services were complete, the generator was returned to operational readiness. Services agreements are available. Call 720-464-0134 or Contact Us for more information.

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