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Large Colorado Farm’s Caterpillar Gets Repairs And Annual Check Up

4.jpegOur guys spent the morning working on a farm in Northern Colorado. No, they weren’t plowing the field or gathering eggs, but they were there to perform annual service and some minor repairs on the large farm’s Caterpillar generator.
“We are here to work on this Cat as the client reported some issues and of course while we are here, we will perform an annual service checkup,” said service tech Brandon. “Our goal is to get this unit running correctly so that the farm can continue to run smoothly.”     
Generator Source works hard to ensure quality standards are being met and our efforts are rewarded each day with our customers satisfaction and assurance that their generator will operate when and as it should. We take great pride in knowing that our equipment will work on time, every time. Part of the service includes our 31-point annual inspection. That process entails:

Standard Checks: 
  • Grease Gen Bearing
  • Tighten Hose Clamps
  • Check Oil & Condition
  • Check Coolant (Full & Protected for Temp)
  • Turn Engine for 2 Full Rounds
  • Remove Remote Wires
  • Tighten All Term Screws
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Barrel Leads (Insul. Tightness)
  • Voltage Check
  • Check Fan Belts
  • Missing Belts
  • Check Block Heater
  • Remote Start Connection (Locate, Test & Tag)
  • Fuel Pumped Out of Tank2.jpegBattery Voltage (12 or 24 Volt)
  • Cold Water Leaks
  • Check Fuel Rack
  • Check Battery Cables
  • Check Battery Charger
Load Bank Tests: 
  • Check Temperature with Heat Gun
  • Coolant Leaks
  • Oil Leaks
  • Full Rating Tests
  • Gauge Compliance Tests
  • Gauge Adjustment Tests
  • Accurate Temperature Gauge Test
  • Engine Alternator Test
  • Pre-Alarm Verification
  • Shut Down Verification
  • Auto Start Test & Tag Verifications

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