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Louisville Wireless Kohler Generator Inspection & Service

Portable Cell Tower InstallationLocation

Louisville, Colorado

Size of Generator

45 kW Kohler portable generator

Project Notes

The customer requested a 250-hour inspection and maintenance for their Kohler generator. This generator operates in a continuous mode that is typically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  An uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) test was completed while the generator was serviced and a load was applied to the UPS.


Portable cell towers are often termed Cell on Wheels (COW). They can be constructed onto a truck or trailer frame. The unit contains a cell tower, transceiver, and other associated equipment.

A COW can be used when there is a need for a strong cell signal for a temporary time. It is also used for extra support during major events such as the Super Bowl. It is employed when a tower is down for repair or in new construction. 

When natural disasters occur that damage or destroy existing cell tower installations, the towers are easily transported to the site. They are mostly constructed for temporary use. However, some units are designed for longer term engagements. Once the unit is leveled, the tower can be raised and it can be put into service. The equipment inside the unit requires power to operate, and many have a UPS for backup power. Diesel generators can provide the primary power. 

Services ProvidedKohler Generator Test & Inspect

The portable 45 kW Kohler had accumulated 1,328 hours. It was slated for the 250-hour maintenance and inspection. The customer requested some additional services associated with a site that has critical power needs. Below is a description of the tasks performed.

Maintenance Services - Perform a 250-hour generator service including:

  • 30-point inspection
  • Change engine oil
  • Replace engine oil filters
  • Replace fuel filters
  • Replace air filters
  • Inspect belts
  • Inspect electrical system
  • Inspect engine for coolant and oil leaks
  • Check coolant level and specific gravity 
  • Take oil and coolant samples for analysis

Testing Services 
The first step was to perform a running visual inspection of the unit prior to service. We transferred the load from the generator to the UPS (backup batteries) to allow cell phone tower to continue operations. Oil and coolant samples were collected during maintenance. After service, the unit was started and brought up to normal operating temperature. The generator was then shut down and the oil level was checked. We started the unit to assume the load and transferred the load from the UPS. 

After troubleshooting, maintenance, and testing services were completed, the generator was returned to operation. Services agreements are available nationwide, ensuring your generator supplies power when needed. Call 720-996-0314 or Contact Us for more information.

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