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Hospitality Industry Key Players Partner With Generator Source For Standby Power
Colorado Field Services Team Makes Sure Properties Have Reliable Standby Power

Standby generators play a role in our lives. Most are hidden, behind a fence, far out of sight, but jump into action at the drop of a hat when there’s an interruption in power no matter if it’s a manmade outage or caused by weather. Hotels are one of the numerous buildings that must have standby power and that’s where the Generator Source Field Services team comes in!

IMG_1137-(Custom).jpg“Whether there’s a rolling blackout, the local utility cuts power during a strong wind event like a month ago for many around here or a huge storm actually knocks power out, healthcare facilities, resorts, data centers; you name it, they have to power 24/7,” said Jacob, a field service technician for our Brighton, Colorado location. “Today I’m going to run preventative maintenance on a 150 kW Generac diesel generator that supplies standby power to a large hotel in the neighboring city of Thornton.”

Joining Jacob for this service call, I found out it was a new client. Our field services division has been growing rapidly the last couple years as Generator Source has not only added Austin, Texas to the mix, but we’ve seen an influx of new customers as their current providers have dropped the ball on customer service or priced themselves out of a contract renewal. Another new location in Pensacola, Florida is being launched as well.

“I’ve got two 100 kW load bank test units with me today,” said Jacob. “We will combine their capabilities to be able to add 80% load for the load bank test on the 150 kW commercial generator.

“I will start by changing all the filters,” added Jacob. “Air filters, fuel filters will all be changed, then I will get an oil and coolant sample for lab analysis as well,” said Jacob. “Then it’s time for a 4-hour load bank test and I will monitor the unit, check temperatures, belts etc. before concluding the test. After that I will change the oil filters, oil, and give this unit a clean bill of health. This is a new unit, and it looks like they’ve been exercising it regularly, but if I find anything that needs a repair, I will tackle that as well and communicate with the client.”

Some folks ask us, why are hotels and resorts required to have standby generators? Well, they need generators to ensure that their guests have access to essential services all the time, even during power outages or grid failures. These services include powering items like lighting, air conditioning or the heater, refrigeration, security systems, elevators, and fire pumps. 

Building codes often dictate that electrical systems must be energized during a power outage. Resorts and hotels without adequate emergency and backup power systems are effectively shut down during power outages.

Back on the job site, Jacob went about his work as I took pictures and recorded video for this story and our social channels.
How does your generator look? Are you getting it serviced regularly? Is your generator services provider easy to get a hold of and affordable? We’d love to visit with you.

IMG_1147-(Custom).jpgWe operate field services in Colorado and Southern Wyoming, Florida, and Southern Georgia, the greater Austin, Texas area into College Station, and our new Pensacola location will give us more reach into Southern Alabama and Mississippi. For more information on our field service operations, click here or call (866) 518-1240 and tell them which state you are in to get the ball rolling!

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