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Greeley Gravel Pit Generator Repair


Conveyors Part of Mining Electrical Load
Greeley, Colorado

Size of Generator

Cummins 800 kW in a sound attenuated enclosure.

Project Notes

Customer reported that oil was leaking from front crankshaft oil seal.  Oil seal needed to be replaced.


Many different minerals and solid aggregates are mined today. Quarries are an above ground style mine. Rock is removed by heavy equipment that employs blasting methods. The rock is broken down into sizes that fit the desired crusher. Some gravels go through more than one crusher for proper sizing. Electric conveyors move the aggregate from crusher to crusher or to finish piles. Mines that are located in areas the electrical grid does not support utilize equipment that uses high voltage and amperage provided by diesel generators. Large portable generators in sound attenuated enclosures can be moved from location to location in most any mining application.

Services Provided to Gravel Mine

800 KW Cummins Generator RepairOur mining customer contacted us to perform a repair to their diesel-powered generator. The maintenance team discovered an oil leak at the front crankshaft seal during the inspection. 

The generator is located in a sound attenuated enclosure. Our skilled technical staff:
  • Replaced ​front crankshaft seal
  • Installed fan guard (removed by the customer for inspection)
  • Started and verified operation of the generator
We perform all types of indsutrial generator troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs. We offer service contracts that feature load testing for emergency operations. Contact Us for any generator maintenance or repair needs. We gear service contracts to satisfy both manufacturer requirements and facility operating needs.


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