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Generator Source Plays Crucial Role At Denver Zoo

When a power outage hits, most folks grab a flashlight and find their way around in the dark, or maybe throw on an extra layer if it’s cold, but for animals in a zoo, going without power could put some animals at risk. Numerous standby generatorKomodo-(Custom)-(7).pngs are required at Denver Zoo and the Generator Source service team is honored to maintain them. 

I joined Jacob, one of the Generator Source service technicians, on a recent day at the Zoo to see what a quarterly maintenance trip is like and of course what this standby power means to the team at the 84-acre, award-winning zoo. With as many as 3,000 animals on site, you might imagine, some need heat, while others need a clean tank and fresh oxygen—so uninterrupted power is key!  

 “Okay, today we are going to perform a quarterly inspection on the generators that support Tropical Discovery, the Komodo dragon area and another unit that backups the stingray pool,” said Jacob. “We will be looking at a Cummins 200 kW diesel, a Cummins 20 kW natural gas unit and a 100 kW natural gas Generac.” 

Jacob got started on the Tropical Discovery generator by taking oil samples and testing the batteries, before starting the unit to get warmer samples and take some heat readings as part of the maintenance checklist.

After snapping some pictures and recording some video of the process, I was able to meet with a zookeeper inside to learn more about the systems that make life possible in Colorado for 300 species including freshwater fish from the Amazon River, not to mention reptiles like a Komodo dragon, saltwater fish, and the many amphibians on display.    

“It’s good to know we have preventative maintenance, checking on the generators to make sure they will come on in the event of an outage to power all of our life support systems,” said Zookeeper Derek Cossaboon at Tropical Discovery. “Many of our tanks run 24-7, mechanical filtration, lights, heaters and chillers as well. It’s good peace of mind to know that the standby generators will keep those systems running if we lose power.

“The animals in our care are 100% dependent on the power not going out,” added Cossaboon as we talked near the Amazon River freshwater fish display. “Life support systems have to have power. Without it, their tank habitat, water quality, and environmental conditions will deteriorate and will not be able to be maintained.
IMG_3638-(Custom).jpeg“This Amazonian Tank is one of our biggest tanks that relies on 24-7 support,” added Cossaboon. “Right there that’s a silver arowana, behind that is a piranha, that bigger one in back is a pacu, and that’s a red tail catfish in the front of the tank.”

Next, I was off to see the Komodo dragon and Jacob was going to run the quarterly maintenance checkup on the popular animal’s “private” generator, a 20 kW natural gas Cummins. Yes, the Komodo dragon has a large habitat, and the smaller generator will help it run 100% should a power outage hit Denver.

The team at the Zoo told me the dragon’s hot, large space is set at 95-degrees all the time. So, to keep everything running uninterrupted, the 20 kW does it all. To give you an idea, a 20 kW is about the size of a home standby unit you would purchase from Generator Mart to run your home in the event of an emergency or rolling blackout.

Jacob took samples, measured temperatures and gave the Komodo dragon unit a full and complete checkup before heading to the last of the generators to be inspected and tested today. The last one was a 100 kW natural gas generator that powers Stingray Cove. It’s a great time to do maintenance on the stingray habitat because at this time of year, the stingrays are on “vacation” somewhere warm. Why are they on vacation? Well, their outdoor pool is just too big to heat in winter, so they are transported south in the winter months. As Jacob finished the last of the maintenance checks, I spoke with our tour guide about Generator Source and the maintenance process.
“Generator Source has been a huge help in maintaining our units,” said Weston Davis, Denver Zoo facilities coordinator. “You guys are absolutely the experts, first person we call. The generators here are extremely important. This stingray generator is really our only line of defense if power goes out here to avoid risk to our animals, making sure the animals are as healthy as they can be at all times.

“Jacob has been a great help,” added Weston. “I think he’s come out the past five times and he’s got these generators down. He’s quick and efficient and does a great job.”

If your business needs generator service, Generator Source has you covered. We can perform maintenance checkups, repairs, load tests and can supply your property with a rental generator while we perform service on your existing unit. Give us a call in Colorado at (720) 990-5640 or click here to get more information. We also have an office in Jacksonville, Florida, that services the Southeast region. Reach that office at (904) 914-7355 or click here.

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