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Cummins Generator Quarterly Maintenance & Inspection

Cummins Generator Maintenance InspectionLocation 

Weld County, Colorado

Size of Generator

Cummins 275 kW diesel generator

Project Notes

Our customer requested a Quarterly PM inspection and service to be conducted. 


Well sites supply water to homes and industrial facilities. Pump(s) remove water from the well and distribute it to the water utility grid in its area.

As a rule of thumb, well sites do not require as many treatment processes as facilities that draw water from a natural resource such as rivers or reservoirs. So, there is not a large presence of chemical treatment equipment that requires power.

It is extremely important for a well site to have a dependable emergency power supply. System water is quickly reduced and lost when pumps do not have electric power. The backup or emergency generator provides power to water pumps during utility power outages. 

Services ProvidedCollecting Generator Engine Oil Sample

The Cummins 275 kW generator is on a calendar maintenance schedule. Every quarter (3-month intervals), the generator must be inspected and have various tasks performed. 

Quarterly Maintenance Checks Performed:
  • Perform visual inspection
  • Load test engine start battery
  • Collect oil and coolant sample to have an analysis performed
  • Start and run the engine 
  • Inspect generator while the engine is running
  • Shut down the generator after the engine reaches operating temperature
  • Close the generator breaker
After the quarterly maintenance inspection and testing services were completed, the generator was placed into auto operation. Now it is ready to assume the load during the next utility power outage.

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