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GS Service Team’s Technical Knowledge & Skills On Display At Downtown Museum

It’s not every day your on display at a museum, but recently our Colorado Field Services Team was exhibiting skills and knowledge in downtown Denver. Not what you are probably thinking though, as our generator technician was making sure a museum’s standby generator was ready for the next show!
“Today I’m working on this 275 kW natural gas Olympian/Generac package,” said field services technician Andrew as he was attaching wire to the control panel. “I’m going to visually inspect this unit before we begin a load test as this is also the first time I’ve worked on this unit here at the museum.”    
Andrew thoroughly inspected all hoses, wires, fluid levels, looked for leaks and any other indications there could be a problem as he continued to get ready for the load bank. He then tested the battery before starting the unit. After he gave the “all clear,” Andrew fired up the standby unit. At this point he allowed this natural gas powerhouse to run for bit, warming up while he measured a few key temperatures and watched for signs of errors.
At this point, he observed, then slowly added load to the generator. He began the load test which is about a 4-hour process of adding load and monitoring the unit’s performance. Andrew recorded all key measurables as the unit ran with varying loads. The unit is watched carefully to see if it performed to factory specifications in responding/reacting to various load conditions being applied/removed.
Upon conclusion of the load bank, Andrew again took fluid samples, temperatures and looked for any items of concern. He then shut the unit down, cleaned up the area around the unit, detached all leads and traveled back to our shop. All conditions were good.
As part of this preventative maintenance visit, Andrew also changed:
- Oil
- Oil Filters
- Fuel Filters
- Air Filters
We offer field services for generators like this in three regions. You can find our teams in Brighton, Colorado, Jacksonville, Florida and our latest location, Austin, Texas. Learn more and book an appointment here.


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