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Service Team Tackles 60 kW Generac at Downtown Denver Facility

This week, the Generator Source Service Fleet was in another high-profile downtown Denver location, servicing and performing annual maintenance on a 60 kW Generac Generator. Generators are often located in small, tight rooms, but this one was a smaller unit located on the side of the building making for quick and easy access. Web-2.jpeg
“We work on all kinds of generators, massive ones to smaller ones, and in all kinds of industrial buildings all over Colorado, but when you get to work on a 60 kW out in the open, plenty of room, and easy access, it’s kind of nice, I’m not going to lie,” said Andrew, service technician, as he changed the fuel filter.
“This one is a 60 kW and powers this building’s emergency lights and elevator system in the event of a power outage,” added Andrew. “The unit will get new filters, oil, fuel, air. I’ll take oil and coolant samples and we’ll analyze the fluids to get an idea of the health of the generator.”
Besides the standard maintenance, Andrew also put the unit through a 4-hour load test and an annual PM2 inspection. Generator Source offers this service to Colorado and Southern Wyoming customers as well as Florida and Southern Georgia clients.
Here is a list of Generator Service We Provide:
We offer in-house generator drop-off and pickup (at our 14-acre facility in Brighton, Colorado), plus on-site full-service power generation technicians in pre-stocked service trucks to efficiently meet all customer requirements. Our generator services include:
  • Preventative Maintenance - Performing both mechanical and electrical tasks/inspections on a regular interval exponentially reduces the possibility of failure from improperly maintained or neglected equipment.
  • Generator Repair - Troubleshooting is the first step to any repair. Once the failed component is isolated, the cause of the failure must be determined and corrected. Once the total repair is completed, we test the system to ensure readiness on demand. For convenience, we provide quick drop-offs at our facility for things like food trucks, tour buses, third-party rental generators, and other mobile power equipment.
  • Load Bank Testing - These tests simulate a load to the generator without placing it online. Most critical systems require this test to be completed on a regular schedule. Some repair tasks require the generator to be loaded to ensure the repair corrected the issue. This can be considered a Repair or Maintenance task depending on the situation. We offer mobile Resistive, Reactive, and Combination-style load bank testing options.
  • Accessories - Ancillary equipment and systems of any style that aid in the supply of generated power includes Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), switching, and control systems alarm and warning systems. As an ASCO reseller, we also provide sales of switches as needed.
  • Parts - These are commonly stocked maintenance and standard repair parts for most generators such as filters, oil, cabling, and more.
  • Annual Agreements & Service Contracts - In addition to single repair options, we also provide hassle-free, rate locking annual service agreements.
  • Power Systems Consulting - From design to site planning and installation, and more.
  • Installation and De-Commissioning - We can remove old generators and/or help install new ones.
  • Temporary Mobile Rental Power Options - For mission-critical customers, we can provide temporary power while providing on-site service.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available - For mission-critical customers with special requirements. 
CALL 720-990-5640 or use our GENERATOR SERVICE REQUEST FORM  for more information.Web-1.jpeg

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