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East Denver Condo Generator Service and Repair


Service Truck for East Denver Condos
East Denver, Colorado

Size of Generator

Generators are powered by 3306 Caterpillar engines.

Problems or Issues Reported

Diesel generator required inspection. Replaced all components that exhibited wear. Performed service and load bank tested unit.


Condominiums are located inside a tower complex. Each floor of the building is divided into separate residences and/or offices. The facility is equipped with diesel-powered generators. Each generator is a complete unit installed on skids and located in a machinery room. The generators supply power to vital systems such as elevators, common area lighting, and building safety systems when power is lost.

Services Provided to Condominium Customer

East Denver Condo Generator RepairRecently we provided generator maintenance, testing, and repair services to a client located in East Denver.  We provided the following  generator services:

Annual planned maintenance (PM) including:​
  • Changed engine oil
  • Replaced engine oil, fuel filters
  • Systems inspection (30-point)
  • Replaced air filters
Engine System Repairs Included:
  • Replaced all hoses and clamps
  • Drained, flushed and filled radiator
  • Replaced thermostat/regulator
  • Replaced V-belts
  • Replaced front crankshaft seal
  • Adjusted the valves
  • Replaced valve cover gasket
Load Bank Test for four Hours  - Test was conducted to verify generator was operating to specifications.

The generator set performed to specifications. Customer elected to continue service with a PM contract for both generators. Contracts span through a calendar cycle. Two years is initial coverage time. Each year:
  • Quarterly Maintenance - 30-point inspection, oil and filter change. Coolant and oil samples taken. Functionality test is performed.
  • Annual Maintenance - Every year 30-point inspection with engine oil and oil filter change. Oil and coolant analysis performed. Four-hour load bank test monitoring engine and generator parameters
Contact Us for any generator maintenance or repair needs. We gear service contracts to satisfy both manufacturer requirements and facility operating needs.

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