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Berthoud Transfer Station Generator Replacement

Generator Removal Berthoud Transfer StationLocation

Berthoud, Colorado

Size of Generator

Generac, 15 kW

Issues Reported

Generator does not supply power when required. Customer supplied replacement generator needed.


Transfer stations are facilities that process solid waste. The solid waste is then moved to the landfill for disposal. Some transfer stations accept large loads of debris while others are designed for residential use only. Residential convenience centers typically only accept certain size loads and do not accept hazardous waste.

Services Provided
Service Truck Crane Berthoud Transfer Station
We picked up the generator from the customer and transported to our facility. The fuel tank was flushed, and we serviced the generator. Generator was load tested and transported to client site.

Generator Replacement Steps Included:
  • Disconnected and removed old generator
  • Transported replacement generator
  • Placed and leveled generator
  • Connected electrical output
Follow Up Services
Client tested the generator, and it performed correctly but the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) did not work. 

We were contacted for a follow-up visit and found two issues existed with the switching system:
  1. Rodent damage to wires
  2. ATS not compatible with client substitute generator
We have a stock of commonly used accessories. We pulled an ATS that was compatible with the newly installed generator and installed it into the system. After installation and repairs were complete, the emergency generator system was checked for proper operation. Our stock and skilled technicians allowed us to repair additional issues and supply the client with much needed emergency power.

Services agreements are available in Colorado and southern Wyoming to ensure your generator supplies power when needed. Call 720-464-0134 or Contact Us for more information.

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