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Power Generation Accessories

Generator Accessories

Repairing Control PanelAny piece of equipment that is used in the distribution of power is a generator accessory. All components of the power generator, including electronic control units, are considered parts. This is because the control units are part of the manufactured generator. These units have a part number associated with and supplied by the manufacturer.

The amount, style, and capability of supporting equipment vary. Each facility can have a different requirement for power distribution. Some commonly used accessories are:
  • Manual Transfer Switch - Not common in control systems today. When power is lost, utility power switch must be secured and then the manual transfer switch energized.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) - This is the most common method of transferring power. When power is lost, the switch isolates the utility power and transfers the load to the generator. When utility power is regained, ATS isolates the power from the generator and transfers the load to utilities.
  • Transformers - Step-up transformers have more secondary windings than primary and increase input voltage. Step-down transformers have more primary windings and the secondary and decrease input voltage.
  • Switching and Control Panels - These panels allow distribution to dedicated loads. Interface capabilities with multiple generators for paralleling activities. Some systems have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth monitoring and control abilities. These are considered the heart of the distribution system.
  • Remote Annunciators - Located outside the control room, this device announces alarms in manned spaces. They can have some control and silence functions.
The above list is a small example of accessories available. A compilation of components can be designed to meet any system power requirement.

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Equipment availability can determine system design. There are many choices that exist for the same piece of equipment. Each manufacturer has units with different capabilities. Our skilled sales team can help with any accessory equipment question. We commonly provide equipment to meet stringent design requirements.

Combining installation and repair services ensures a one-stop shop for all customers. Control and monitoring systems have entered the digital world. Advanced troubleshooting and testing techniques are required to properly maintain a power distribution system. In larger distribution systems, many critical components can digitally interface with each other for total system control. Contact Us for purchase, installation or repair services.


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