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All Hands On Deck For Florida Generator Rentals To Help With Hurricane Ian Recovery Efforts

Hurricane season is always a time where we see major landfall events with massive property destruction, wind damage, flooding, loss of life, and of course, even if you are not in the path of a Hurricane like Ian, you might still be one of the millions of people without power as a result. That's where Generator Source comes in, helping business prepare for these events with backup power, and we are always on standby to help businesses and people get back on their feet with a rental industrial generator. It pays to be fast when someone needs your help!

IMG_1477.jpeg"On Thursday afternoon, we received a call from a business in Florida after Hurricane Ian came through,” said Sarah, rental manager at Generator Source. “They were looking for (8) mobile 100 kW generators and needed them fast.

“The kicker was the units had to be in Florida to help with the hurricane recovery efforts by Saturday at noon, but we got the go-ahead Thursday afternoon in Colorado,” added Sarah. “So logistically, we had to get these units ready to roll for the 2,000-plus mile road trip, find a couple flat-bed semis for transport, and get them on their way ASAP— last minute.”

The Generator Source team jumped into action! The project was all hands-on deck as all generator techs jumped in, tested units, checked fluid levels, and made sure the units were ready to roll. Then the trucks began to show, and the team quickly used the forklifts and our crane to load the mobile generators on the flatbeds.

“To give you a timeline on this project, the customer signed the quote at 2:30 PM, the first truck arrived at 3:30 PM, the second shortly after that, and the units were all on their way in a matter of a couple hours,” added Sarah. “Our team is amazing. On something like this plan, a one-month rental minimum applies. Overall, it was an impressive timeline as we made happen!”


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