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Refurbishing Industrial Power: Field Service Project At Florida Business Part 1

At Generator Source, we understand that maintaining the integrity of power systems is crucial for uninterrupted operations, especially for vital supply chain companies like Owens & Minor. Recently, our team embarked on a significant project to refurbish the company’s generator. But this project required a lot of moving pieces.
The Challenges: Rust and Radiator Issues

The Mutliquip standby generator at Owens & Minor was facing significant rust issues with its enclosure, along with a malfunctioning radiator. To address these problems and ensure the generator's optimal performance, a comprehensive refurbish project was necessary. But how do you do all this work onsite without a generator being needed? You don’t, you disconnect it, pick it with a crane, bring it back to our facility for work while a rental generator runs standby until the project is completed!

A Step-by-Step Approach: Removing and Refurbishing the Unit

"Good morning, we are at Owens & Minor," said Roy, the technician onsite, as he began describing the task at hand. "We're going to remove this unit, bring it back to the shop to refurbish the enclosure due to rust issues.

“We will also take the radiator out to repair it,” continued Roy. “We're going to have a crane pick this unit up, set it on the trailer, and put a rental unit in its place for the time being. Once we get everything finished up, we'll come back, reinstall it, and it’ll be good to go."

Execution: Precision and Teamwork

The first phase of this project involved careful planning and execution. Roy and Chuck coordinated the logistics of the decom, including arranging for a crane to lift the generator unit. The team efficiently disconnected the commercial generator and prepared it for transportation. The crane arrived and under the expert supervision of Roy and Chuck, safely lifted the unit onto the trailer. The generator was then transported to our shop, where it will undergo a thorough makeover.

Conclusion: Commitment to Quality and Reliability

At Generator Source, we are committed to providing top-notch power solutions and services. Our project at Owens & Minor is a testament to our dedication to quality and reliability. By refurbishing the generator unit and ensuring continuous power with a rental unit, it’s clear we help our clients maintain their critical operations without disruption. Stay tuned for updates on the completion of this project.

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