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Returning to Owens & Minor: Generator Refurbishment, Repair & Reinstallation Part 2

At Generator Source, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality service and ensuring our clients' power systems are reliable and efficient. Our recent project with Owens & Minor is a testament to this commitment. In Part 1 of this story, we detailed the removal of their generator for refurbishment due to rust issues and a malfunctioning radiator (Read Part 1 Here). The first part will also give you an idea of how the generator looked when we removed it.

Now, we are excited to share the successful completion of this project here with Part 2 as we return the refurbished generator to its rightful place and reinstall it.
Seamless Reinstallation: Precision and Teamwork

With the refurbishment complete, it was time to return the generator to Owens & Minor. Roy and Chuck, our dedicated technicians who handled the initial removal, were back on site to ensure a seamless transition.

"We're back at Owens & Minor, ready to reinstall the refurbished generator," Roy explained. "We’ll start by airlifting the refurbished unit. Then we will be removing the rental unit and finally place the refurbished generator into place. Everything will be reconnected and tested to ensure it’s running perfectly."

Testing and Final Checks

After the installation, the generator underwent a series of tests to verify its performance. These tests confirmed that the issues addressed during the refurbishment were resolved and that the generator was operating at peak efficiency.

The successful completion of this project means Owens & Minor now has a fully functional and reliable generator, ready to support their critical operations.

The fresh paint job and repaired radiator ensure the unit's longevity and efficiency, providing peace of mind for the client. 

Conclusion: Exemplifying Excellence in Service

Our work at Owens & Minor showcases Generator Source’s dedication to quality and reliability. By refurbishingand repairing the generator and ensuring its seamless reinstallation, we have once again demonstrated our commitment to exceeding client expectations. Are you looking to upgrade your power solutions today? Our Jacksonville team can help. Call (904) 870-9486 or click here for more information. We also offer generator services in Colorado and Austin, TX. Click here for more information in the other regions.


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