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Canyon City Locomotive Generator Removal and Installation

Canyon City Locomotive Generator RemovalLocation

Canyon City, Colorado

Size of Generators

De-Install and remove a Caterpillar 500 kw and replace existing generator with higher capacity MTU 750 kW generator.

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Upgraded passenger cars require more power from on board generator.


Railway locomotives are driven by electric motors at each drive wheel. Electricity to the motor is provided by the alternator end of a generator set. Diesel engine powered generators are a popular option for locomotives. These generators are complete units consisting of engine, alternator, cooling, and intake systems. Fuel is easy to store and transport and can be treated for extreme weather conditions. Diesel generators are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate railway needs. Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) is a multiple-unit train powered by on board diesel engines and can be controlled by a single driver. 

Services Provided
Generator Installation Canyon City Locomotive
A client in the locomotive industry requested our assistance in upgrading an existing generator in a locomotive. This involved removing the existing generator and replacing it with a larger capacity generator.

Generator Replacement Steps Included:
  • Disconnect and remove old generator
  • Transport replacement generator
  • Install larger capacity generator 
  • Connect electrical output
Upgrade Challenges
Existing mounting and connections commonly do not align when changing size and/or model of a power generation system. Our fabrication team answered these challenges. Some tasks included establishing generator location, fabricating generator mounting system, routing exhaust system and fuel supply. 

After installation and repairs were complete, the locomotive power generation system was checked for proper operation. Our skilled technicians, coupled with necessary support equipment, allowed our customer a smooth transition to a higher capacity power generator.

Services agreements are available in Colorado and southern Wyoming to ensure your generator supplies power when needed. Call 720-733-8835 or Contact Us for more information.

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