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Hospital Generator Service in Colorado

Generator Source’s External Service team provided annual service and load bank testing on a set of life-safety backup generators for a leading hospital chain.  Additionally, Generator Source provided a replacement rental generator as a substitute for critical back up power during the service.

Rental Generator Used During Primary Backup Generator MaintenanceLocation 

Denver Metro Area, Colorado

Size of Generator

Cummins 200 kW Indoor Generator and Cummins 400 kW outdoor generator repair.

Project Notes

The customer requested maintenance and testing services for a 200 kW generator. On a second visit, a breaker was installed on the 400 kW. 

Health Care Industry Notes

Health care facilities require backup power to support the critical power requirements of modern life support equipment. Specifically, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 110 requires that operating rooms (OR) and intensive care units (ICU) have backup power for 100% of requirements.  This electrical code standard protects patients during surgeries or when at their most vulnerable in the ICU. 

During a utility power failure, the lag between loss of power and the backup generator producing full power presents a critical vulnerability. Hospitals configure their power system with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to bridge this lag period. A UPS is a battery backup supply that automatically provides power to a circuit during a loss and condition incoming current to protect sensitive electronics. UPS systems are composed of inverters, converters, and batteries. When power fails to critical circuits, the UPS system assumes the load until the generator fully online. Due to the limited battery capacity, UPS can only provide power for a short period. Diesel or natural gas generators provide longer-term power but work in concert with UPS as they require time to pick up the load.

Generator(s) on a circuit with critical and life-safety equipment cannot be removed from service for required maintenance, testing, and repair tasks. Some hospital complexes contain multiple, redundant generators to provide an additional level of failure tolerance. In facilities that do not have full redundancy, maintenance teams must connect an additional generator to cover true outage capability during service.

Services Provided

The Cummins 200 kW generator is on a calendar maintenance schedule. Annually (12-month intervals). The generator must have maintenance, inspection, and testing tasks completed to ensure reliable operation in case of a power failure

Load Testing Cummins 200 kW GeneratorCummins 200 kW Annual Maintenance & Testing Performed

  • Prepared rental generator to assume load during maintenance time
  • Connect rental generator to building panel and tagout installed generator
  • Perform visual inspection of the generator, housing, and all supporting equipment
  • Collect coolant sample to have an analysis performed
  • Load test engine starter battery
  • Remove customer lockout tagout, start and load test generator
  • Load test includes inspections at various load conditions
  • Shut down the installed generator and disconnect from load bank
  • Replaced engine lubricating oil, oil filters, fuel filters, and air filter
  • Disconnect rental unit from ATS and place installed generator in Auto operation
  • Return rental generator to meet internal yard requirements

Cummins 400 kW Generator Repair

Approximately one week after performing annual maintenance and testing on the 200 kW generator, we received a request for repair on a Cummins 400 kW Generator. The repairs included:
  • Replace 400 amp circuit breaker
  • Add ground cables into generator conduit connecting building
  • Test run generator for proper operation after repairs
  • Return generator to Auto operating mode
Generator Service is offered in Colorado and Southern Wyoming.  Generator sales are available in US & Canada. Call 303-659-2073 or Contact Us for more information.

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