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Electric Power Generation Schools, Classes, & Colleges

Feeling like your career hasn't achieved its potential due to a lack of education? No need to worry, various resources exist to expand your knowledge of electricity and electrical systems. There are a few organizations specifically designed to provide education in order for you to achieve your professional goals. They offer continuing education classes to further your understanding of electrical concepts.  Just starting out in the industry? Their are also schools and classes to get you started in a power generation career. Check out some of the resources we've collected below and take your first steps to advancing your career today!

Electrical Generation Systems Association

Class Room Used for Electrical Training

The Electrical Generation System Association (EGSA) provides members and non-members with short-course education providing certification that can prove to your employers/customers that you have the knowledge you need to get the job done. Core program sessions cover topics that include generators/alternators, voltage regulations, governors, engine/generator instrumentation and controls, intro to generator protection, automatic transfer switches, sizing and servicing generator systems. Other seminars include more in depth coverage of basic electricity, prime mover fundamentals, understanding specifications & bid documents, troubleshooting service problems, and multiple generator switchgear and generator controls. 

AVO Electrical Training Services

The AVO Training Institute offers numerous courses that provide training in various electrical disciplines. From basic electricity, power system engineering, electrical print reading, substation maintenance to electrical safety and circuit breaker maintenance and testing, AVO will educate you to advance your career. Courses are offered at a variety of national locations making it easy to find a course that is near you. If you would like to educate an entire work-force and have capable facilities, instructors are willing to come to you to provide education. Educational videos are also available to gain a better understanding of fundamental electrical principles.

Technical & Vocational School Guides

Comprehensive guide of schools, colleges and classes providing technical education and classes in a particular vocation. Site provides the ability to search for classes by location or subject. Technical schools listed on the site include courses in electronics, electrical technician, electronics in computer and communication technology and many more courses that offer education in the power industry. Also contains schools in the automotive industry focusing in diesel and truck (automotive) technology, industrial diesel automotive technology, or even get your associate degree in automotive technology. . 

Pennsylvania College of Technology

The Pennsylvania College of Technology offers a 2-year course to earn your Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.) in Electric Power Generation Technology. This program will provide students with the skills essential in installing, deinstalling, maintaining, and servicing various types of power generation sets. Advanced instruction on electrically controlled gensets, including all electronic switching components necessary in the generation and/or transmission of electric power will be given. Extensive safety training will also be provided throughout the two years of education. 

Industrial Training University

ITU conducts electrical training for colleges, private companies, and organizations who need practical training done in the shortest time possible. ITU teaches skills that can be used that same day on the job! Tricks of the trade that will make maintenance and service workers be faster, more accurate, safer, and more effective on the job!

Koldwater Training Software

Koldwater has been serving the training industry for 31 years as a provider of quality instructional software for PLC training, ControlLogix training, Motor Control training, HMI training, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) training and DeviceNet training. Tutorials are interactive, multimedia Computer-Based Training applications that provide the learner with a "visual perception" of many of the abstract concepts associated with these technical areas.


360 is an NERC approved online training provider for workforce within generation, transmission and distribution utilities, along with System Operators is the largest workforce with generation, trans

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