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New Arrivals - Five Caterpillar Diesel Generators for Sale

2000 kW Caterpillar Diesel Generator 3516B
1500 kW to 2000 kW Caterpillar Diesel Generators 

Generator Source recently purchased five low-hour, pre-owned Caterpillar generators. These were standby-only generators used and maintained at a data center and are in excellent condition. Two generators are manufactured for indoor operation and three are configured for outdoor operation and are surrounded by enclosures. The capacity of the indoor generators is 2,000 kW. One 2,000 kW and two 1,500 kW generators comprise the outdoor generators. All generators are rated for standby operation. Below are the specifics of the generators and control system.

Caterpillar Generator Package

  • (2) 2000 kW Open Skid 3516B Gensets
  • (1) 2000 kW Enclosed 3516B Genset
  • (2) 1500 kW Enclosed 3512B Genset
  • Rating - Standby Diesel Generators
  • Excellent for Paralleling
  • EMCP II+ Control Panels

(2) Caterpillar 3516B 2000 kW Diesel Generator Sets

We purchased two low-hour Caterpillar 2,000 kW generators that were used in a side by side configuration.
Below are the basic specifications for the generators:
  • Capacity - 480 VAC, 3-phase supply @ 2000 kW
  • Rating - Standby
  • Year Manufactured - 2005
  • Hours of Operation - 198 & 240
  • Generator Model - SR4B
  • Engine Model - 3516 (mechanical unit injection & governor)
Details and Pictures:2000 kW Caterpillar 3512B Enclosed Generator
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All the enclosed generator units are housed in Pritchard Brown enclosures. Two 1500 kW 3512B and one 2000 kW 3516B. Any of the pairs of generators can be used in a side-by-side configuration and be operated in parallel controlled by a main paralleling panel. Basic specifications for the generator sets are below:
  • 2,000 kW 3516B
    • Capacity - 480 VAC, 3-phase supply @ 2000 kW
    • Rating - Standby
    • Year Manufactured - 2005
    • Hours of Operation - 546
    • Generator Model - SR4B
    • Engine Model - 3516B (electronic unit injectors & ADEM A3 governor)
    • Fuel Tank Capacity - 2500 gallons
  • 1,500 kW 3512B (2 generators)
    • Capacity - 480 VAC, 3-phase supply @ 1500 kW
    • Rating - Standby
    • Hours of Operation - 563 & 585
    • Generator Model - SR4B
    • Engine Model - 3512B (electronic unit injectors & ADEM A3 governor)
    • Fuel Tank Capacity - 2000 gallons each
The 3516B and 3512B series generator uses an advanced electronic injection and fuel control system. The ADEM A3 is the Engine Control Module (ECM). It is responsible for control and monitoring functions. It communicates with the generator controller for a completely electronically controlled engine.Caterpillar 2000 kW Diesel Generator 3516 B

Caterpillar EMCP II+ Generator Control Panels

All of the generators are equipped with the Caterpillar EMCP II+ Controller which combines engine control and generator monitoring into one friendly Human Interface (HMI) panel. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)s allow for easy-to-read generator engine parameters. The EMCP II can be combined with the Caterpillar Customer Communication Module (CCM PC) for remote monitoring and control functions.
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