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Global Reach of Caterpillar & Factors for Generator Buyers to Consider

Caterpillar is a brand that truly has worldwide brand recognition. The brand reaches to over 500 locations within 180 countries throughout the world. This extensive reach also presents a list of over 300 products backed by a host of regional and geographically located facilities. The growth of Caterpillar mirrors the worldwide expected growth in construction machinery.
One example of this global reach is in Egypt.  Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelm met with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. The future plans to improve infrastructure in Egypt were a top priority. Caterpillar has an established history in Egypt. There are nearly 700 locomotives owned by a subsidiary company named EMD currently. Expansion and further development are also on the horizon.
In September of 2016, Mr. Oberhelm also announced their network of dealers and the Caterpillar Foundation would invest over $1 billion in Africa, projects over the next five years.  This will include traditional and renewable power generation, diesel-electric locomotives, marine engines and mining equipment.

In May of 2016, Caterpillar visited Havana, Cuba. The goal was to enhance an established relationship in an emerging market. As trade restrictions begin to lift, Caterpillar wants to be in place for future potentials. They also donated a Cat skid-steer loader to The Finca Vigia Foundation. 
The Caterpillar dealer in this territory which includes Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Barbados, Cuba, and the Eastern Caribbean Islands is named RIMCO.  Establishing territorial and regional representatives allows for a more efficient and effective dealer and brand representation throughout the world.

In 1975, Caterpillar was instrumental in building China’s first oil pipeline. Since that time, the need to build an infrastructure and extract the resources from the untapped country was incredible. In every key category such as energy production, agriculture, transportation, research, architecture, finance, and tourism, Cat was there to guide and assist. Throughout these 40+ years, the investments and efforts trained roughly 13,000 people and created a strong support relationship.

One consideration when selecting a generator for your application is determing accessibility of parts and making certain that service will be available within your immediate area.  With decades of growth and expansion across the globe, owners of Caterpillar equipment (specifically industrial and commercial Caterpillar generators) can rest assured they will be able to obtain most parts and get service that may be required in the future.

With over 35 years of working with Cat engines and generators, Generator Source has long been a fan and proponent of Caterpillar’s line of industrial gensets for most heavy duty power requirements.   With their continued expansion mentioned above, we see no signs of that slowing down.  It is hard to go wrong with Cat as your generator of choice.
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