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Role of Diesel Power Generators in the Oil & Gas Industry

Remote Oil and Gas Equipment Requires PowerPower generators are important tools for anyone who wants extra protection in emergencies against power loss.  For the oil and gas industry, power generators are a very important necessity.  These generators provide key power sources for the oil and gas industry, particularly to assist with drilling and digging.  The procedure of both drilling and digging are key to these industries, and a lot of power is needed to provide service to heavy equipment.  With the help of power generators, this can be achieved efficiently and also help to ensure that no power loss will be suffered.  A lot of different tasks are involved in the oil and gas industry, such as deep earth and offshore drilling, pumping, and the actual delivery of the finished product.  Large companies such as Texaco really rely on these generators in order to maintain a steady, reliable business operation.

Additionally, diesel power generators provide backup power to these companies’ main facilities and operations.  If there is an emergency or disaster and the main power is shut down, generators can assist with backup, allowing business to continue on as usual.  This can save the industry a huge amount of lost time and money.  Power generators are key to the oil and gas industry.  They are part of the backbone that keeps them running.  All major oil and gas companies rely of generators extensively.  That’s why it’s important they choose heavy duty, reliable generators that can give their facilities and equipment the power they need to run smoothly and without any interruption. 

Law Requires Gas Stations to Have Generators

In today’s uncertain times, particularly in times of disaster, gasoline can be one of our most valuable resources.  With past natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the world saw the turmoil and headaches caused by long lines at the gas pump, particularly during evacuation times.  The East Coast of the United States and the Gulf Coast are both areas that are especially vulnerable to hurricanes.  Recently, a law was passed in the state of Florida mandating that all gas stations have backup power generator sets installed.  Any gas station built after July 1, 2006 must have generators installed that can power both the pumps and the cash registers.  Any existing gas stations have until the end of July 2007 to install generators, but only if they are off of major evacuation routes and highways.  This new law can prevent downtime and extremely long lines at gas stations, making life easier on residents of Florida.  
The required generators at gas stations is just one of many new disaster preparedness laws that have come into effect in Florida, prompting other states to consider their current plans and laws.  The generators located at gas stations will allow people to be able to purchase gas, even in the dark, and can eliminate wait times that have lasted literally days at a time in the past when a hurricane struck.  This new requirement should be passed onto other locations in hurricane prone areas.  Many people feel that this should become law for places like North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Louisiana, just to name a few.  Mandatory backup power generators are something that lawmakers need to look into for other locations as well, since power is needed in times of crisis, and important facilities that require power to operate should be required to have such generators.

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