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Detroit Diesel Generators offer Reliable Electric Power

Detroit2.jpgWhen purchasing a diesel generator, you want something that can provide you with strong, reliable power that lasts with little maintenance required.  Detroit diesel generators are the perfect solution for anyone looking to achieve this goal. The Detroit generator company is actually a subsidiary of the Daimler Chrysler AG company, who make heavy duty diesel engines for trucks.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense to choose Detroit brand diesel generators for your needs.  Not only are the company’s truck engines among the top selling engines in the country, but their generators are also top sellers, known for their dependability and quality.  Detroit diesel generators provide long lasting backup or primary power for your home or business.  Since the Detroit brand is high quality, built and tested by the highest of industry standards, and well known in the marketplace, these generators provide thousands of hours of power with little to no maintenance.
Detroit diesel generators offer up a variety of cooling and exhaust systems for all of their generator models, as well as their complete line of generator accessories.  Their diesel generators are powered by modern electronically controlled industrial engines that provide unparalleled fuel economy, saving you money.  All of the Detroit line of generators designed to meet all of the US EPA’s emission standards, ensuring they are not only good for you, but safe for the environment as well.  The generators are available in very low kW power, all the way up to extremely high powered generators.  Detroit diesel generators burn cleanly and efficiently, while providing exceptional power sources for all needs.  They are also equipped with magnet excitation that gives instant response to trip downstream circuit breakers.  The technology in Detroit diesel generators makes them a wise choice for anyone looking for backup or prime power solutions.

Detroit.jpgA power generator is an extremely important investment.  That’s why as a business owner, you want to be sure you select one that is high quality as well as reliable.  While new generators are a great addition to your business, used generators can also provide many hours of power and usage, while saving you thousands of dollars.  When looking for a used power generator, Detroit is a brand you can trust.  A subsidiary of Daimler Chrysler AG, a worldwide leader in truck diesel engine manufacturers, the Detroit line of generators is just as heavy duty and trustworthy.  Since Detroit generators come from such a prestigious company, it’s easy to see why they’ve been one of the most popular choices in generators for the last several decades.
Whether you have a fairly small business or you operate a large facility, a used Detroit generator can meet all of your backup power needs.  Its high quality manufacturing process along with a stellar reputation makes it the name brand to rely on.  A used Detroit generator can provide many long years of reliable service, with very little to no maintenance.  This can save you a lot of money in the long run, combined with its fuel efficient models that can reduce costs on fuel refills as well.  Check with our knowledgeable sales staff to find out how you can purchase one used and get the same high level of quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from the Detroit line of generators.

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