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Cummins Generators Provide Industrial Backup Power

Dependable Power by Cummins Generators

Cummins Generator for Indoor Use
From your home to your business, a reliable source of backup power is something everyone should have. Businesses without power generators can lose thousands, even millions of dollars in revenue each year due to downtime because of a power outage.  

Cummins makes some of the most-sturdy and well-known generators on the market. They provide power sources from as small as 5 kW all the way to 100 MW for the largest of facilities. In addition, a wide variety of products are available through Cummins such as transfer switches, controls, and commercial generator sets.  

The company is a leader in the marketplace of design and manufacturing both consumer and commercial power generators all over the world. All Cummins generators are custom built to suit the specific needs of each and every individual customer.

All Cummins gensets include a cooling system that can help regulate temperatures, whether your generator will be used for prime or backup power. All parts in a Cummins generator, from the switch to the casing and controls are all manufactured by Cummins themselves in house.

No outsourced parts are used in their generators whatsoever. Cummins' experience allows them to provide large power sources to a number of important clients who need stable, reliable generators.

From the mining industry to data centers, Cummins provides professional service and maintenance. Each generator can be made to custom fit the needs of your business. Companies of all sizes can benefit from having a backup generator, and Cummins brand is an excellent choice. Whether you need a generator for a short-term project or a long-term solution, Cummins has a generator that will serve your power needs effectively and efficiently.

Cummins Supplies Critical Power Generators

Cummins Generator in Sound Attenuated Container
Cummins is one of the world's leaders for developing and manufacturing high quality, powerful generators. By purchasing a used Cummins generator, you can expect to get the same high-quality product as purchasing a new one, all with the reliable service and low maintenance that comes with it.

All businesses of any size can count on Cummins to provide both their prime and/or standby power needs. Many companies have chosen Cummins to be their generator provider, knowing they use the best technology available today.

Hospitals, data centers, and facilities that have critical power requirements turn to Cummins for their critical power generator needs. Reliability and length of service are main contributors to this choice.  

Buying your Cummins diesel generator used will save you a lot of money and will provide thousands of hours of use before any required maintenance should take place. The name Cummins means worldwide recognition, high standards, and reliable power.

A wide variety of extras are also available for your Cummins generator set. Whether it is transfer switches, cooling options, or a variety of other useful accessories, they are all ready to be installed to give you optimal performance.

Contact Us today and find out how purchasing a used Cummins generator can save you a substantial amount of money, while ensuring the elimination of power loss, since having power is so vital to the operations of your business.
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