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13 Cummins Generators (2000 kW, 1750 kW & 1500 kW) Now Available

Preowned Cummins High Capacity Generators

Cummins 1500 kW Generators for Parallel Operation
Generator Source has increased its stock of high-capacity Cummins generators. We continuously increase our stock to support the needs of our customers. Needs are driven by events such as voluntary and weather-related power outages. Cummins has a renowned reputation and is a favorite of many of our power generation technicians for their reliability and overall performance.

We recently added the following generator packages:
  • Cummins 2000 kW generator sets: Quantity 3
  • Cummins 1750 kW generator sets: Quantity 3
  • Cummins 1500 kW generator sets: Quantity 7

Ready for Outdoor Operation

All 13 generators are ready for operation outdoors. Installed fuel tanks allow these generators to be considered a turn-key operation. Previously, these units were set up in a configuration that allowed multiple paralleled generators to supply a single source. Some of the standard features are:        
  • Enclosure Standard Features
    • The container is constructed of stainless steel
    • Fix louvers and ring cap to protect from weather  
    • Vibration and isolation system mounting engine and alternator (generator end) to lifting base
    • Emergency stop button mounted on the control panel   
    • Battery charging system for engine start batteries
The engine, radiator, and alternator (generator end) are all mounted on a framework design surrounded by an enclosure. The included fuel tank in all model sizes allows these units to be considered a turn-key purchase. Once they are set on flat level ground, they are ready to be connected to the load to supply power. 

Generator Source has been in the generator business for more than 38 years. All preowned generators must pass a 31-point inspection prior to being placed into inventory. Often, we can arrange for shipping within 24-hours of purchase. Contact Us for more information. Below are some of the specifications for each of the new generator sets.

Cummins QSK60-G6 (2000 kW & 1750 kW) Generator Sets

Cummins 2000 kW Generator Ready to Ship
Generators were configured for parallel operation, but they can be used as a single unit for lesser power requirements. Below are some of the specifications for the generators:   
  • Capacity - 480 VAC, 3-phase supply 1750 kW & 2000 kW respectively 
  • Rating - Standby
  • Year Manufactured - 2000s
  • Hours of Operation - Low Hours
  • Generator Model - QSK60-G6
  • Engine Model - QSK60

Cummins Generator Package & Features

The generator, engine, radiator, and circuit breaker are all housed in a weather protective enclosure. The enclosure is equipped with a fuel tank. Below are some of the generator features:
  • Deep-Sea electronics generator control panel
  • Cummins QSK 60 generator engine powering Triton alternator
  • Auto-start and auto-stop functions
  • Can be configured to operate in parallel for multiple generator installations
  • Overall weight 55, 000 to 76,000 pounds  
  • Sound attenuated enclosure for quiet operation

Details & Photos

Cummins QSK60 Diesel Engine

The Cummins QSK60 is a 16 cylinder V-design engine. This quantum series engine has a high-pressure injection (HPI) PT electronic fuel system. The fuel system is managed by a G drive Governor Control System (GCS) controller. It can be mounted off the engine in the enclosure for communication with electronic generator controllers such as Deep Sea Electronics. Each component of the engine has been designed and constructed specifically for generator drives. Also featured is a two-loop two pump low-temperature cooling system, Ferris ductile iron pistons, and an air cleaner kit that contributes to the cooling package.   

Triton & Deep Sea Electronics Controls

Deep Sea Electronics 5510 Generator Control Panel
Cummins engine partnered with Triton for this generator. Triton has manufactured generator ends for more than 20 years and produces generators from 10 kW to 2000 kW. The DSE 5510 is an auto-start control module that communicates with the engine GCS controller and the Triton generator. The auto-start control module employs programmable logic control (PLC) technology.     

Operator Panel Features

Below is a list of some of the available features of the operating panel:
  • Basic instrumentation:
    • Liquid crystal display screen with soft buttons
    • Indications for engine speed, engine oil pressure, and coolant temperature
    • Monitors fuel level, battery voltage, and alternator charge voltage
    • Engine runtime number of starts and next maintenance interval indications
    • Generator volts, Hz, Amps, KW, and kVA indications
    • Monitors bus volts, Hz and phase sequence
    • Generator phase sequence low demand priority and synchroscope ability
  • Paralleling Control Functions:
    • Check Sync controls operation of the load switching device for parallel operation
    • Auto Sync provides control signals to the engine governor and alternator to control the speed and voltage output of the generator
    • Load Control works with Check Sync and Auto Sync and provides signals to the engine governor an alternator while in parallel operation
  • Enhanced Engine Indications (must be supported by electronic ECU):
    • Engine oil, inlet manifold and exhaust temperature
    • Coolant, turbocharger, and fuel pressure
    • Fuel consumption and total fuel used  
  • Typical Alarm Displays:
    • Low oil pressure warning is activated when the engine oil pressure has fallen below a preset level
    • Shut down low oil pressure is activated when the pressure falls below a second set point and the generator is shut down
    • Low battery voltage alarm is activated when the battery voltage falls below a set point
    • Air flap closed alarm initiates when engine intake air flap is closed - this is a shutdown alarm
    • Negative phase sequence shut the generator down when an imbalance of the load current for each phase is above the preset level
    • High current circuit breaker trip
    • Generator reverse power, short circuit, loss of excitation, negative phase sequence and kW overload trip

Cummins KTA50 1500 kW Diesel Generator Sets

Cummins 1500 kW Outdoor Generators
The seven KTA 1500 kW generator sets were previously configured for multiple generator operation in parallel. The generators can be used in the single operation as well but do have advanced control features. Below are the basic specifications for the generators:
  • Capacity - 480 VAC, 3-phase supply @ 1500 kW
  • Rating - Standby
  • Year Manufactured - 2000
  • Hours of Operation - 0
  • Generator Model - 1500DFLE
  • Engine Model - KTA50
  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Dry Pack Air Cleaner

Cummins Generator Package & Features

The generator, engine, radiator, and circuit breaker are all housed in a weatherproof enclosure. The enclosure is equipped with a fuel tank. Below are some of the generator features:
  • Auto Start & Stop
  • 2500-amp circuit breaker
  • 2500-gallon fuel tank
  • Electronic controlled engine and generator. 
  • Digital generator control panel
  • Container Dimensions: 252"L x 110"W x 130"H
  • Overall Weight 30,000 lbs.

Details & Photos

Cummins KTA50 Diesel Engine

The KTA50 diesel generator drive engine is recognized globally for performance under severe climatic conditions. This 16V engine uses a cooling system that system consists of a two-pump two-loop system. One radiator cools the engine jacket water, and a separate radiator is for the aftercoolers. All engines use Coolpac integrated design. The cooling package and air cleaner kit comprise this package. The Cummins PT direct injection fuel system is used.

Cummins PowerCommand Generator Controller

Cummins PowerCommand Generator Controller
This control panel is a microprocessor-based system. It provides generator set monitoring metering and control. An operator can interface with digital voltage regulation, digital governing, and generator set protective functions. The unit was designed to mount directly on the generator set and can be configured for a variety of frequency, voltage, and power connection configurations ranging from 120 to 13,800 VAC.

Major Control Features

Below is a list of some of the features of the operating panel:
  • Digital governing, overcurrent, voltage and fault regulation
  • Digital paralleling controls including synchronizing and load sharing
  • AmpSentry protection for alternator overcurrent protection
  • Analog and digital AC output metering
  • Battery monitoring system for weak batteries
  • Digital alarm status in a message display
  • Generator set monitoring for all critical engine and alternator functions
  • Smart starting control system with optimized cold-weather starting
  • PowerCommand digital paralleling

All preowned generators must pass a 31-point inspection prior to being placed into inventory. Often, we can arrange for shipping within 24-hours of purchase. Contact Us for more information.

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