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Configuration Options & Cross Section of an Industrial Generator

Basic Configurations

Generator Source features generators with various configurations to satisfy customer needs (Refer to Figure 1). The most common include:
  • Skid Mounted Unit – Most commonly located in under roof or indoor applications. Engine, generator and cooling system mounted on a skid. External exhaust and fuel supply are required for this unit
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosure – Used for permanent installations. Engine, generator, control and cooling system are installed into an enclosure. This allows for components to be isolated from weather and offers environmental heat and noise reduction. Fuel tanks are included in these enclosures
  • Mobile Unit – Engine, generator, control, and cooling systems located into a trailer. Trailer sizes vary with generator sizes. Mobile units are often used in the construction field when constant power supply has not been establish

Skid Mounted Generator


We feature skid mounted generators from many of the world’s leading manufacturers (Cummins, Caterpillar, Kohler, Generac and Baldor). Follow this link to view generators now in stock Generators in Stock.
Different manufacturers can offer slightly different packages for their skid mounted units. A Cummins 2250 kW generator with a QSK 60 engine is illustrated below (Refer to Figure 2):
  1. Cooling System – Includes radiator, surge tank, oil cooler, fuel cooler and aftercooler
  2. Turbochargers – Two banks of two turbochargers that supply air to the engine
  3. Exhaust Manifold – Connected to turbine side of two turbochargers incorporating one exhaust manifold per bank. One bank per side
  4. Air Filters – Filters supply air to compressor side of turbochargers. Each turbocharger has filter
  5. Generator End – Produces 480 VAC. Rated at 2250 kW
  6. Power Command Control (PCC) – Controls all engine/generator functions via onboard electronics
  7. Fuel Filters – Filter fuel from tank
  8. Fuel/Water Separators – Separate water from fuel. Water can be drained from filter by opening valve


Sound Attenuated Enclosure


Engine components in an enclosure are the same as skid mounted. We recently received 19 low hour Cummins diesels in various sizes and configurations, follow link for more information: Low Hour Cummins Generators. This 2250 kW unit (Refer to Figure 3) is one of the low hour generators. The components for this unit are:
  1. Enclosure Lighting – Controlled by lighting switch. Power supplied by circuit breaker in sub-panel
  2. Pancake Muffler – Critical grade construction for reduced noise levels during operation
  3. Cooling Louvers – Allow enclosure ventilation
  4. Battery Chargers – Keep start battery banks charged for engine starting
  5. Fuel Tank – Large capacity 4,120 gallon
  6. Enclosure Frame – Mounts to fuel tank and supplies base for generator skid
Enclosure – Houses generator skid and operating components. Equipped with Emergency Shutdown Switch located on the outside of the unit.

Mobile Power Module


We have many types of mobile and rental programs to meet the power generation needs our customers. The Baldor 1250 kW is one of our Featured Generators (Figure 4). Access doors and ladders offer easy to access to the generator engine and operating components. 

The engine and generator are maintained by expert staff and it is ready to go with short notice. A digital control panel contributes to the ease of operation for this unit. For complete details on this unit follow the link: Rental Unit

Generator Source has been buying and selling industrial power generators for over 35 years.  Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or lease give us a call today at 800-853-2073 or contact us online.

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