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Doosan Industrial Portable Generators

Doosan Portable Equipment Manufacturing

Doosan 150 kW Portable Generator
Doosan began manufacturing in 1896 with the opening of a small modern store in Seoul Korea by Park Seung-jik. In 1925, the name changed to the Doosan store. Dongsan Construction and Engineering company (currently Doosan Engineering & Construction) was is born in 1960. Their portfolio grew into construction food and beverage machinery, media, and cultural businesses.

In 2007 three business divisions were added to the Corporation:
  • Ingersoll Rand US - Portable air compressor manufacturer. Produces engine driven airscrew generated compressed air.
  • Bobcat - Manufacturer of portable construction equipment such as a skid steer unit.
  • Doosan Portable Power - division of corporation that produces generators. These generators are designed specifically for over the road transportation.
In 2012, twelve new product platforms were globally introduced to focus on innovations an emissions compliance. The first market was Tier 4 Engines that supply large air compressor generators. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the amount of particulate matter and other harmful exhaust gases that are produced during combustion. Tier 4 engine compliance allows generators and air compressors both to operate while adhering to Clean Air Act regulations.

Portable Generators

A portable generator is a turnkey power solution. Once the generator is on site, it can be placed on level ground and connected to the grid for power. The engine generator and radiator are all housed in a sound attenuated enclosure. The radiator and fuel tank are also mounted onto the framework. The trailer is Department of Transportation (DOT) approved and ready to be connected to the truck via ring and pintle or ball and hitch. For more information on Doosan generators, go to Doosan Portable Power.

Doosan produces generators in two separate size categories. In addition, they also offer generator and light tower combinations for various construction sites. Generator Source has been in the generator business for over 38 years, and we are pleased to offer Doosan generators as part of our inventory. Contact Us for more information on our generators in stock.       

150 to 450 kVA (120 to 322 kW) GeneratorsDoosan Generator Controls & Indications

Doosan lists their generators in both kilovolt amperes and kilowatts representing size categories. The kilowatt (kW) is the real unit of power and the kilovolt Ampere (KVA) is a unit of apparent power (real power + reactive power).  We commonly use the kilowatt when referring to generator capacity. Five different generators are offered in this size category:
  • G150WCU - 123 kW portable generator
  • G190WCU -145 kW portable generator
  • G240WCU - 235 kW portable generator
  • G325WCU - 267 kW portable generator
  • G400WCU - 322 kW portable generator  
Each one of these generators comes equipped with a long list of standard features plus individual features associated to the size of the generator. The G150WCU portable generator features radial fan cooling technology and the revolutionary enclosure create separate compartments for each component. These dependable, rugged machines are able to withstand harsh operating environments and transportation over difficult terrain.

25 to 125 kVA (20 to 103 kW) Generators

This is the first and smallest category of generators produced by Doosan. These machines offer ease of operation, reduced operating noise, and are Tier 4 certified. They are commonly used for general tools at a construction site to oilfield pumps and power for concerts. Below are the generators offered in this category:
  • G25WDO - 20 kW portable generator
  • G40WDO - 31 kW portable generator
  • G50WDO - 38 kW portable generator
  • G70WDO - 56 kW portable generator
  • G125WCU - 100 kW portable generator
Standard options exist across the complete family of generators, and each model has additional accessories attributed to that model only. Many options are size-dependent across both categories. These options have been installed to allow for easy set up an operation for the associated generator.  

Generator OptionsGenerator Output Selector Switch

Standard generator options are those options that exist across the complete generator line from 25 kW to 400 kW models. These options available across all families are:
  • DOT Approved Unit - All generators are equipped with necessary safety lighting and devices, ensuring ease of transportation to the job site.
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosure - Each unit has a specifically designed enclosure to maintain a quiet operating environment.
  • Fuel Tank - Fuel tanks are sized to the fueling requirements of the engine running at full load.
  • Controls and Monitoring - Doosan controls and monitoring package includes an easy to use controller with generator and engine specification monitoring.
  • 3 Position Selector Switch - Output selector switch has 3 positions for various voltage selections. The generator model determines position voltage.

Generator Specific Options

Generator specific options can include the construction of the enclosure the style of the trailer and the ability to change output configuration. Below or some of the options that are for the G150WCU 123 kW generator:
  • Dual Frequency Switch - Allows operator to change from 50 cycle to 60 cycle operation.
  • Engine - Fuel efficient Cummins QSB 5T4 engine. Tier 4 EPA rating.
  • Optional Tundra Package - Consists of a coolant heater, oil pan heater, battery charger, battery heater pad and heated breather hose for operations of temperatures down to negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Alternator - Leroy summer 24 Volt alternator with AREP protecting against overload and short circuiting.
  • Dry pack air cleaner.
  • 445-amp output circuit breaker.
Doosan can provide the answer to all of your portable generator needs. All generators are Tier 4 rated, and most share a prime operating rating. These generators are ready to be transported to your job site to supply power in a prime or standby setting. Go to New Generators to view our in-stock selection. Many times, we can ship within 24 hours of purchase completion.

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