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Construction Industry Uses Industrial & Commercial Power Generators

Construction Industry

Building Construction
Construction can be thought of as the process of creating buildings or infrastructure. Three basic sectors of construction exist:
  • Buildings - Divided into residential and non-residential. Residential can be a single home or entire sub-division. Non-residential can be considered commercial buildings (including high rises).
  • Infrastructure - Includes water and waste water, utilities, dams, bridges and highways. Often termed heavy civil or heavy engineering.
  • Industrial - Includes manufacturing plants, power generation plants, refineries, chemical processing plants and milling facilities to name a few.
This industry boasts and estimated 6 to 9% gross domestic product. In 2015 the gross output for the United States was estimated to be 599 billion dollars. 

New advancements in construction equipment and tools allow work to be completed safer and faster. In addition, rendering a higher quaility product. There are many styles of larger automated tools available today. Concrete mixers and finish machines, air compressors, welders and light towers can be powered by gas/diesel engine or electric supply. Many hand tools require electric supply.

Many times utility power is not available at the construction site throughout the project. Advancements in power generators and tooling now allow crews to utilize electric tools. Using a power generator allows for less noise and exhaust pollution in populated areas.

Small to Medium Requirements

Portable Generator
We offer generators from 10 to 499 kW. Output voltages from 120 to 480 VAC. Single and three phase availability depending on the generator. 

Our portable generators allow easy transportation around the job site. They are a complete power generation system, including:
  • Engine
  • Alternator
  • Cooling System
  • Fuel Tank
  • Control Panel and Output Connections
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosure
  • Trailer with Ball Hitch.
We commonly fabricate power generation systems to satisfy project requirements. For instance, a client finds a generator meets all power requirements. But, it requires a construction fork truck to transport from location to location on the job site. Our fabrication shop has the ability to marry the generator with a rated trailer and ready for easy transport. Upgrading generators for extreme weather and operating conditions is a common task. 

Large Requirements

Large Power Supply
Mega-projects (high-rise towers, civil) often require generators to supply the use large amounts of power. Our stock includes generators that have a capacity rated from 500 to 4,000 kW. Output voltages from 208 to 13,800 VAC, 3-phase.

Some projects can require the generator to be portable, some can accept a stationary unit. Each and every project has different set of power requirements. Sites that utilize a large generator require transformers, switches and control panels we classify as accessories.

Sometimes contractors have the need for a temporary power solution. Common instances are failure of owned unit or one-time additional requirement. We are ready to supply any short-time contractors may have with our rental program.

Generator Source is your full-service generator and accessory supplier. We now stock new Cummins RV and Light Industrial generators. Large inventory and established shippers contributes to a quick turn-around time. All used generators are inspected and load tested prior to sales. Contact us at 844-413-5055 for more information.




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