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(3) New 1000 kW Cummins Diesel Generators - Just Arrived!

Cummins 1000 kW Generator Right Rear View
Generator Source is proud to announce the latest additions to our inventory - three  new Cummins 1000 kW diesel generator sets. Cummins has a renowned reputation and is a favorite of many of our power generation technicians for their reliability and overall performance. When you see them in person, they are extremely impressive, and they are ideal for larger power applications like paralleling. If you have an interest in these diesel generators, please contact us today.

Cummins 1000 kW Generators for Sale

All three generators are rated for standby operation. Each generator has the standard manufacturer's warranty attached to it. The prime mover (engine) is the dependable Cummins Diesel QST30 V12 engine. All gensets are ready to be set on a hard level surface, connected and put into service immediately.

Cummins Generator Package

  • (3) 10000 kW Enclosed QST30-G5 NR2 Gensets
  • Rating - Standby Diesel Generators
  • Excellent for Paralleling 
  • PowerCommand Control Human Interface (HMI) Panels

Cummins QST30-G5 NR2 1000 kW Diesel Generator SetsCummins QST30 Engine and Generator

These 3 new Cummins 1000 kW generator sets can be used in a single or multiple generator configuration. Below are the basic specifications for the generators:
  • Capacity - 277/480 VAC, 3-phase supply @ 1000 kW
  • Rating - Standby
  • Year Manufactured - 2019
  • Hours of Operation - New
  • Generator Model - DQFAD
  • Engine Model - QST30
  • Optional Enhanced High Ambient 50C Cooling System
  • Optional 208/240/480 Coolant Heater
  • Optional 72 Hour Runtime at Full Load 2,000 Gallon UL142 Fuel Tank
  • Enclosure Sound rating at 7M: 89.6 dB(A)
  • Optional Electronic Power Circuit Breakers for paralleling
Details and Pictures:
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Cummins PCC 3.3 Generator Control Panel
The generator, engine, radiator, and circuit breaker are all housed in a weather protective enclosure. The enclosure is equipped with a fuel tank. Below are some of the generator features:
  • Auto Start & Stop
  • 1600-amp circuit breaker
  • 2000-gallon fuel tank
  • Electronic controlled engine & generator
  • Digital generator control panel
  • Container Dimensions: 292"L x 102"W x 144"H
  • Overall Weight 30,000 lbs.
The Cummins QST30 Engine 30.5-liter engine that uses a high-pressure fuel system capable of over 1,900 bar (28,000 psi) of pressure allowing for cleaner and more efficient combustion. The 24-valve cylinder head contributes to increased power with faster response time. The PowerCommand control software sends a signal to the engine Electronic Control Module (ECM). The ECM converts the signal into digital throttle signal for the engine fuel system. The generator is a Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) and is a completely electronically controlled unit.

Cummins PowerCommand Generator Control Panels

These generators are equipped with the PowerCommand 3.3 control system. This system includes the AmpSentry protection that monitors the alternator (generator end). A Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal is utilized for throttle regulation. Controller is equipped with standard PCCNet and Modbus interface. Operator panel supports multiple languages. QST30 Engine and Cooling System

Operator Panel Features

Below is a list of some of the features of the operating panel:
  • Operator & Display Functions:
    • Back lit LCD screen
    • Breaker Status displayed
    • Direct control of paralleling breaker
    • Back lit LCD screen
    • Auto, manual, start, stop and fault reset functions
    • LED lamps indicate generator operating parameters and faults
    • Display shows engine coolant temperature, oil temperature, and engine speed indications
    • Generator voltage, current and frequency indications can be displayed
    • Fault history
    • Many additional operating parameters and adjustments.
  • Paralleling Control Functions:
    • First start system selects first generator to close bus
    • Phase lock loop synchronizer, sync check relay & isochronous load sharing
    • Extended paralleling mode (base load/peak shave)
    • Load govern control for utility paralleling
  • Digital Governing and Voltage Regulation
  • Amp Sentry AC Protection
    • Over current and short-circuit warnings and shutdown
    • Under & over voltage shutdown
    • Frequency shutdown
  • Engine Protection
    • Engine overspeed shutdown
    • Engine operating out of parameter shutdown.2019 1000 kW Cummins Diesel Generators
This panel can complete paralleling operations with multiple generators without the additional equipment of a master paralleling panel. 

Engine Control and Battery Charger

The CM700 and CM558 are the Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) that monitor and control the engine functions of the QST30 engine. All communications are passed to the control panel are via a SAE-J1939 datalink. The communication between the ECMs and PowerCommand Control unit allow the generator to respond seamlessly to varying load demands. Service adjustments can be made to the ECMs at the generator controller. The password protected adjustments are:
  • Engine speed governor adjustments
  • Voltage regulation 
  • Cycle cranking
  • Configurable fault set-up
  • Configurable input and output set-up
  • Meter calibration
  • Paralleling set-up
  • Display language and units of measurement set-up

Battery Charger

Engine starting batteries are charged by the Cummins A048602 10-amp charger. This is a fully automatic charger that features:
  • Surge protection to IEEE and EN standards. Protected against input or output over current
  • Clearly marked terminal blocks and panel knockouts for input and output leads
  • Output voltage and current status and fault information on user display
  • Monitors input voltage and battery operational functions
  • Adjustable float voltage for optimal battery performance and life
  • NEMA 1 corrosion resistant enclosure
  • Annunciates battery over and under voltage faults
  • Vibration resistant design

Enclosures & Fuel TanksWeather Protective, Sound Attenuated Enclosure

These generators are ready to be set on flat level ground and connected to the utility grid to meet standby power requirements. The enclosure and fuel tank have the following features:
  • Enclosure Standard Features
    • 14 -gauge powdered coated stainless-steel construction
    • Listed to UL 2200 standards & NEC requirements
    • Fixed louvers and a cambered roof to prevent water buildup
    • Exterior oil and coolant drains with valves located on the interior of the unit
    • Rain cap and rodent barriers
    • Side mounted controls and circuit breakers
    • Spring vibration isolation system
    • Enclosure mounts to lifting base
    • Emergency Stop button is externally mounted 
    • Horizontal air discharge preventing snow and leaf buildup
  • Fuel Tank Sub-Base Standard Features
    • 2000-gallon dual wall sub-base
    • UL 142 listed, ULC-S601-07 listed & NFPA 37 compliant
    • Tank mounted mechanical fuel gauge
    • Top mounted leak detection float switch
    • Low and high-level fuel switches
  • Sub-base Tank options
    • Pre-wired fuel pump and control
    • Fuel overfill alarm both internal and external available
    • Overflow and tank fill plugs
    • Five-gallon spill fill box, internal and external options available
    • Fill pipe extender.
    • Local code approvals available
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